Anneke Schepman Corbett,  BA from Agnes Scott College and  BFA from the University of Pennsylvania, has been creating quilts for the last ten years.

She has shown them at the Hill Institute and at Hands All Around X & XI in Amherst.


Being raised in the jungles of Venezuela and attending boarding school in Jamaica, she was deeply influenced by the wild tropical environment around her, and so as a girl, developed an intense love of nature. This is exquisitely reflected in her quilts.


After working with the earthy mediums of wood and stone as a young artist, she has found the fluidity of fabric to be energizing. She reinvigorates classic quilt patterns with a dramatic interplay of colors and creates mystical landscapes that are both restful and compelling to the eye. It has been said that she paints with cloth.


The artist can be reached @ anneketao@gmail.com.

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